An Increase in The Number of Children Suffering Kidney Stones

There’s Been a Rise in The Number of Children Suffering Kidney Stones

Watch this video for more proof that there as indeed been a sharp increase in the number of children ‘Now’ suffering from Kidney Stones!

There has been a sharp rise in the cases of children suffering fromKidney stones, which may also include some structural malfunction with the urinary system or a defect with the metabolism .

It’s also important to bear in mind and understand that anyone suffering from kidney stones may have no knowledge there is a problem, simply because not all kidney stones show up as a symptom, especially if they are too small to cause any blockages.

However, kidney stones are very painful and can lead to blood showing in the urine (haematuria ) and a generally feelings of being very unwell… this may show itself by an increase in body temperature and/or vomiting. When the stone passes out of the kidney into the urethra, this may cause profound pain.

Kidney stones are much more common in adults than in children. A doctor will check your child out thoroughly to either rule out or confirm an underlying condition that may be causing the problem. It’s also important to understand that Kidney stones can also cause an infection in their urinary track.

Unfortunately, the same symptoms that indicate a Urine infection is very similar to those that point to Kidney stones, high temperature and vomiting, but this may also be companied by diarrhea. The urine may also be pink in colour or could be cloudy. In approximately half of young children studied with kidney stones, there was no report of any pain associated with their experience.

Can Children Suffer From More Than One Out Break Of Kidney Stones?

Normally, children only suffer from one episode of kidney stones during their childhood, but for those who do, it usually take’s some time to completely get rid of them.

Research also concluded that a small number of children with a metabolic condition could suffer from repeated incidences of Kidney stones throughout their lives; therefore, it may be necessary to administer further therapy to reduce these occurrences.

Although there isn’t any real reliable data regarding the number of cases doctors see of children suffering Kidney stones, doctors do agreed that during the early 70s and 80’s doctors would tend to see a few children suffering from Kidney stones probably only once in a few months, now they may see several kids in just one week. Many pediatric urologists and nephrologists across the country are now saying that they are seeing a sharp rise in young patients attending their surgeries.

Much of the data we have on Kidney stones comes from studies carried out or conducted on adults, many experts believe it also applies to children too; this is still open to debate. In these studies there was strong evidence to support the fact that dietary factors where a prime factor that lead to the formation of Kidney stones, which consists of crystallizations of several substances in the urine.

Up to 65% of Kidney stones are formed when oxalate, a byproduct of certain foods, binds to calcium in the urine; other common types include calcium phosphate stones and uric acid stones.

Early research showed that the biggest risk factors contributing to these binding processes where 1) not drinking enough fluids or 2) consuming to much salt. Both were responsible for dramatically increase the amount of calcium and oxalate in the urine.

It’s your Kidneys that are responsible for the excretion of excusive salts in your system and its salt that binds to calcium on its way out of your system, this can lead to a much higher level of calcium in your urine and you’re Kidneys.

Kidney stones in children tend to happen in 50 to 60% of families with a history of this disease, so it’s very important to do some family research into this matter to establish if this is a fact, because your children could be at more risk than those families who have no prior history. If there is a family history of Kidney stones then you must think about establishing a plan to start a cleaner lifestyle, habits including good hydration, balanced diet, and steering clear of processed, high-salt, high-fat foods.

Children can experience some severe pain in their side or stomach during the period they are passing a stone through their narrow urethra, the tube that carries urine from the kidneys to the bladder.

But as I have already mentioned, younger children may have a more vague pain or stomachache, making the condition harder to diagnose. If your child experiences any of these symptoms or feels sick to their stomach or there is blood in the urine, then please seek the advice of your doctor.

Xray showing kidney stones

Kidney stones may not be very large, but when they block the flow of Urine then boy-o-boy do they hurt.

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