‘How’ to Get Control Over Prostatitis

'How' to Get Control Over Prostatitis

Taking Back Control of ‘Prostatitis’!

‘How’ to take control so you DON’T suffer Prostatitis later on in life

When it comes to Prostatitis, inflammation of the prostate gland, you wouldn’t believe that most the male population, about 85%, have either never heard of it, or are totally unaware of this condition. It’s one of the biggest killers of man killing over half of men in the world today.

It’s even harder to believe these statistics when Prostatitis can cause such pain and discomfort, painful ejaculation and urinary-related symptoms like ‘Pain When Urinating’, for example.

It makes it even harder to understand when Prostatitis is so easy to treat when the proper medication is employ. The problem lies in tradition, man have been conditioned over the centuries to believe that in order to be masculine, indeed a man; you should never show any kind of weakness and that’s why they tend not to go to their doctors very often.

Its education that will help inform and keep men ahead of the game, the need to look after themselves, and look after themselves they must, as Prostatitis is a slow invasive condition that may take years to develop.

During this time the patient may truly believe that this condition is simply an aging one, old age incontinence. Unfortunately, this view can be very misleading and dangerous, leading to a more sinister condition, like Prostate cancer.

It’s very important you learn ‘How’ to recognize the signs and ‘What’ you can do about this very irritating and in many cases, embarrassing condition. Without going into full details about the anatomy of the prostate, click here if you would like more details, as you get older you must learn to examine yourself more often.

It’s important to recognize the difference between ‘Prostatitis’ and say a ‘Bladder infection’ as acute infection can lead to many complications. ‘Prostatitis’ and Bladder infection can be notorious to define, because the bladder and prostate all occupy a very small area. And as the prostate shares the same pathway used by the kidneys, it could lead to an infection.

Some symptoms to look out for that may indicate an infection…

  • Fevers
  • Back pain
  • Chills
  • Painful urination, Burning or stinging when peeing
  • Dribbling from the penis
  • Uncontrollable urge to go, the closer you get to the loo the more likely it is you can’t stop the flow

There are those understated infections, which often cause symptoms that are very mild; these can easy lead man to ignore them. A vague feeling of heaviness or some discomfort during ejaculation or urination, may be all most men ever experience, some symptoms can go unnoticed all together misleading the patient into thinking that all is fine. 

But some infections, like back pain, can be overwhelming, debilitating, and hard to live with, but it can be quickly treated with antibiotics. But not all back pain is a sign of infection in the kidneys…kidney stones are another.

What are the risk factors of Prostatis

Although Prostatitis is very common among men of the older generation, it’s a condition that remains a bit of a mystery too. A less known fact, for example, is that younger men, who engage in unprotected sex, also run a risk of contracting Prostatitis. It has been suspected for some time, but now we know that some sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS and Chlamydia have been linked to Prostatitis.

Also those men admitted to hospital, because of illness, and having to have a catheter fitted, also run the risk of contracting Prostatitis. This is, because these types of medical intrusions can introduce bacteria into the body, but research is on-going into these important issues.

‘How’ to keep yourself safe from Prostatis

En-counting any pain when urinating, or if the urine is discoloured or smells, or if you develop a dull pain or suffer some discomfort around the abdomen area, then get it checked out, it may be a sign of Prostatitis.

A visit to your doctor who may carry out a routine urine and blood test will help to  pinpoint the problem, then the right medicine can be administered to help ease or eliminate the problem altogether.    

If you believe that you have contracted an infection, drink lots of water, this will help flush out the harmful bacteria helping to relieve the symptoms. But please remember that drinking water alone can’t cure the infection, you will need to see your doctor and get the right antibiotics subscribe.

Keeping your penis clean can also help reduce the risk of contracting an infection.

Although, contracting a urinary infection in your later years is less common, having a daily rinse with warm, soapy water will help to eliminate the risks considerably.

Remember, it’s your duty to look after yourself and keep yourself safe!


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