Most Man in Denial Believing That ‘Prostate Cancer’ Will Never Effect Them!

 Robert Pattinson Showing us Men ‘How’ to Take a Internal ‘Prostate’ Examination

‘What’ Can’t Believe Robert Pattinson The Latist Cinema Heart Throb is Having An Internal Examination…Then Take a Look at The Video Below…

Cosmopolis (2012), directed by David Cronenberg

Prostate cancer as got to be one of the most devious medical conditions to ever sneak up on a men. It’s very often unannounced, and invades without much warning. This is a devastating situation, because it allows this condition to take hold before one is fully aware of it making treatment very difficult and the outcome uncertain.

Of course, it’s very important that all men reaching here 50’s should have regular testing…it’s critical. Prostate cancer is one of those conditions that are much easier to treat when detected early.The Greatest Risk to Men is Complacency The Belief That Prostate Cancer Won’t Happen to Them!

The biggest problem with this developing cancer is it usually has no symptoms attached to it. This is a problem, because it’s not necessarily confined to older men. Men tend to ignore the possibilities of developing prostate tumours, very often leaving its detection far too late to be treated successfully.  This is not only confined to Prostate Cancer, its true for most other conditions too, men find it hard to go see their doctor unless they really have too.

Early diagnosis and intervention is key to surviving Prostate Cancer. But what can be done if you do discover that you do indeed have prostate cancer.

Well ‘Radiation’ or X-ray therapy, is one method that can possibly be used to treat prostate cancer. Radiation therapy involves using high bursts of radiation energy to destroy the cancer cells in the prostate. It’s also used to help prevent the cancer cells from dividing or growing any farther.

‘How’ Dose Radiation Therapy Work On Prostate Cancer

Radiation therapy is used to target only the cancer cells helping to avoid damaging the healthy cells in the surrounding area.

Radiation therapy is carried out in several different ways depending on factors like size, location, spread etc. There are two main treatments that are involved…

1)   ‘External’ treatment

This is carried out by directing the radiation emitted from a machine on to the prostrate area.

2)   ‘Internal’ treatment

This treatment requires inserting radiation producing materials, using thin plastic tubes, into the cancerous tumour in the prostate. After a predetermined time and on reaching the right dosages, this material is then temporarily removed and put back during the next round of treatment.

External prostate cancer radiation treatment is the most favoured methods to treat prostate cancer in the early stages of the cancers developing stage.

If the cancer has spread to the bones then the use of Radiation therapy will help to reduce and relieve the bone pain.

External radiation therapy usually takes place over a five day period during the week, and would be administered over a span of around eight weeks.

Each session begins with the patient being placed on a table in the right position by the therapist. When the therapist is completely happy with this position and the patent is comfortable and relaxed, will the session begin?

During this time it’s important that the patient remains still and reports any discomfort during the session. The room is equipped with an intercom and camera for easier communication with the patient who is closely observed by the therapist at all times.

Before the start of treatment, the therapist will isolate the treatment area by marking the skin above the affected area with a special marker, which are semi-permanent and will wash off. But as these marks will be used again and again on the next and all other sequential treatments, the therapist will advise you not to wash these markings off.

During this treatment the therapist will need to adjust the radiation machine and sometimes the patient, but at no time should the patient feel any pain during this procedure.

Radiation therapy is like any other form of X-rays it will come with its own side effects, such as sore skin around the genital region, bladder inflammation, diarrhoea, and loss of pubic hair.

You will be advised to work with a dietician who will recommend a good diet; this will help in the recovery from the above mentioned side effects with this treatment.



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