‘New’ Research Shows The Way to a Possible Prostate Treatment!

‘How’ a Lucky Brake Could Lead to a New  PROSTATE TREATMENT!

'New' Research Shows The Way to a Possible Prostate Treatment

Almost every day we are bombarded with stories on ‘how’ scientists are making discoveries left right and center, at a neck brake peace that’s breath taking, into the new up and coming ways for ‘Prostate Treatment’. The story below is a fascinating account on ‘how’ 5 scientists tripped over some data that pointed to the possibility that unregulated molecules seem to be irregularly switched on in cancer. And ‘how’ these discovers could lead to new treatments for ‘Prostate’ and other forms of cancers

Enzyme Linked to Aggressive Prostate Cancer Identified

Science Daily (press release)

“Dec. 18, 2012 — Researchers at Mayo Clinic’s campus in Florida have identified an enzyme specifically linked to aggressive prostate cancer, and have also developed a compound that inhibits the ability of this molecule to promote the metastatic spread …”


man resting on a pill

Can a Child Get an Urinary Tract Infection

For years now it was believed that children couldn’t catch a urine infection, but you would mistaken to think this to be true. The story below explains ‘Why’ you should be on your guard with respect to this believe…

Understanding urinary tract infections in children: Dr Pankaj Deshpande

India.Com Health

“By conservative estimates, one out of every 10 child suffers from a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). The problem with this condition is it can often be confused with irritable bladder syndrome or sometimes doesn’t get detected at all. In severe cases, it …”

A Review of Pygeum & Saw Palmetto

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Video Review of Flotrol For Overactive Bladder!


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