Will Sugar Be The Silent Killer of Us All

Is ‘Sugar’ Slowly Killing Us!

Video showing the laparascopic removal of a cancerous prostate gland and its surrounding tissues

This the sugar content in the cans of soda to blame for the finding of the study below, which screened over 8,000 men over 15 years…a long study!

Yes‘, research as shown that ‘Sugar’ is ‘Now’ the number one culprit for many of our modern day ills, obesity, aging, ‘acne‘ …evenProstate Cancer‘, for example

For More Information on The Effects of ‘SUGER’ on Ours Bodiers

Also read more on the effects of ‘suger’ by clicking on this link…‘Why You Should Avoid Sugar’

Study links soda to prostate cancer

NewsChannel 9 WSYR

“Syracuse (WSYR-TV/CNN) – Just drinking a soda a day can increase a man’s risk of getting prostate cancer by a whopping 40-percent, according to a recent study. The finding is set to be published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. In the …”



Will Sugar Be The Silent Killer of Us All

Man need to keep fit, healthy, and keep their ‘Sugar’ levels down to the bear min!

But they should also be aware that the older they get the higher the risk is of developing prostate problems. Prostate cancer is a silent and hidden killer and because of this many man will never know until it’s too late that they have it. So it’s very important not to hide under a stone, don’t wait until it’s too late, if you are in anyway suspicious or worried about your prostate then get a blood test done!



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